Skyline Condominiums

Investigation Project and Renovation Project


LOCATION: 600 West 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA

SECTOR: High-rise Residential, Mixed-Use

CLIENT: Skyline Condominiums Homeowners Association

CHALLENGE: The Skyline Condominiums is a 15-story structure located in downtown Los Angeles with adjacent parking structure, pool area and additional building structures. The complex was constructed in 1981 and is of concrete and steel construction with precast concrete cladding and original dead level roof design. In 2016, the HOA retained LZI to investigate the condition of the roofing on all structures and provide recommendations for roof replacement and maintenance. LZI completed an assessment of the low slope roofing and related elements and is currently in design for the roof replacement. LZI is providing additional roof replacement design coordination items with consultants for the investigation of existing window washing system anchorages, hazardous materials, mechanical replacement and renovation and egress, and temporary roof repairs.