City Century Luxury Condominiums

New Construction Project


LOCATION: 1233 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA

SECTOR: High-rise, Mixed-Use, Luxury Residential

CLIENT: City Century, LLC, Los Angeles, CA

CHALLENGE: LZI is the building enclosure consultant for this new, type I-A construction, 161-unit, 250-foot luxury condominium tower comprised of 25 levels of above-grade, and two levels of subterranean parking. The project, located in the popular South Park neighborhood in downtown LA, highlights a complexity of construction with diverse substrates, requiring an array of waterproofing systems and approaches to achieve water and air tightness, and thermal continuity. The design features property-line construction with shotcrete structural basement walls and methane zone requirements, City of Los Angeles approvals, barrier and rain screen exterior walls, retail and lobby space over above grade parking, podium level with private and communal spaces, and deep planters, primary window wall fenestration system, private unity balconies, sky deck on the 23rd level with pool and lounge, and multi-level low slope roof with roof-mounted mechanical equipment. The total project cost is approximately $85 million.

OTHER SERVICES PERFORMED/ANTICIPATED: Basis of design consultation, design peer review, evaluation of waterproofing systems approved for use in methane zones, construction administration.