Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center ED, OR & SPD Addition & Expansion

New Construction and Renovation Project


LOCATION: 5601 De Soto Ave., Woodland Hills, CA

SECTOR: Healthcare

CLIENT: HMC Architects, Ontario, CA

CHALLENGE: LZI is the building enclosure consultant for the 51,000 square foot addition to and renovation of the existing hospital under the governance of OSHPD. The addition, of type I-A construction, is comprised of a sterilization process department in the basement level that docks into the existing hospital. There are two levels above grade that will contain the emergency room (ground level), and operating rooms (second level). The additional level integrates with two existing wings of the hospital constructed in 1983 and 1993 respectively that have precast concrete, rough aggregate finish cement plaster (“Marblecrete”), curtain wall and storefront façade systems. The addition is separated from the existing facility by a new building seismic joint with complex geometry. Enclosure systems include below-grade slab and wall waterproofing, rain screen clad exterior wall with metal panel and stone laminated finishes over exterior insulation over an air barrier, storefront, ribbon, and curtain wall fenestration systems, and low-slope roofing with roof-top mounted mechanical equipment. Unique challenges specific to this project include repair and integration of new to existing below-grade waterproofing systems, expansion joint continuity and water tightness, highly efficient thermal envelope, LEED Silver certification for collective addition and remodel constructions with shared HVAC system. The total project cost is approximately $120 million, and is presently in construction document phase. Construction is anticipated to begin Q4, 2017 with substantial completion near the end of Q1, 2019.

OTHER SERVICES PERFORMED/ANTICIPATED: Document review, field investigation of existing building/conditions, basis of design consultation, conceptual detailing, design peer review, existing exterior wall thermal retrofit analysis, hygrothermal modeling, construction administration